Going Back to College as an Adult

Topic of the week, ” Going Back to College as an Adult”
Making the decision to go back to college long after you graduated from high school, is not an easy decision. Let’s say after you graduated you decided to head into the work force instead of continuing onto college. You begin working full time either at a job that you have had throughout high school, or an opportunity to work full time at a new job. You work countless hours, you end up meeting the love of your life and continuing your education is furthest on your mind. You start a family and continue working at your job which is not really a career but just a job. You meet up with your high school classmates at your 10, 15 or 20 year reunion. Many of your friends decided on attending college immediately after high school and they are knee deep in a career and making the kind of money that you only dream about. After such an event, your mind keeps wondering back to the thought about going back to college. Every commercial and advertisement is about how easy it is to attend school on line, or by attending night classes a few days a week and obtain your Bachelors Degree. Do you make that call to the colleges and talk to an admissions counselor and take the first step towards a career that you have a passion for or one that you have always been interested in since you were young? It can be very intimating taking the steps towards a degree after life has begun, families have been made and you are as old if not older than the professor that is teaching your classes. How does this make you feel? What are your thoughts or experiences on this subject?